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Website ranking increase Norway

Website ranking increase

What does it mean for You to increase Your site ranking?

  • You may don`t know that but around 80% of Your traffic is coming from  top 10-50 keyword  ( even if Your site is as massive as 10 000 pages )
  • Each of the keywords has CTR ( Click through rate ) which strongly correlates with position
  • Let say You we have  100 visit monthly from keyword ” web ranking increase”   on position 3   it`s  our my top 50  best traffic keywords.
  • Do You think it would be worth for my  to invest in SEO to possible movie it 1 or 2 positions ?
  • CTR for position 3  it`s based on advancedwebranking.com  research  10,6% if I will work on optimization let say it improves to 2 – >   which is around 14,7 so I should receive around 80 visitors more.
  • If I will don`t invest in SEO and my competitors are I can drop to 5 positon for example, is it a lot ? no just 2 positions and for my traffic ?
  • 6,19  which means   I have 40% less traffic ( if this is one of my imortant tarffic bringers  which  leads to page which have high conversion rate I can lose   up to 40%  of conversions ( highly unlikely but  somewhere between 5-20% it`s probable )
  • This example should  make it easier to understand the impact of website ranking increase for Your website.

Do You know Your top 50 keywords, which bring You 80% of traffic ?

Get that knowledge and actionable tips to improve their positions!