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Code for TECH SEO

Technical SEO

Using crawlers, similar to  search engine indexing bots. We can find many invisible  errors. For example discover what Your pages are indexed and which are not. How Google see Your site structure, navigation, canonicals, sitemaps, hreflangs tags and many more. Using log analyses we can find out. Is Your site correctly managing Your crawl budget. … read more about Tech SEO

seo norway on page optimization planning

On page optimization

Main aim of on page optimization is to make sure  Your every page is optimized correctly. Looking at site structure, content, tags, pictures,navigation internal linking.  We can give google direct signals what Your content is about for better rankings.  .. read more about on page optimization.

seo norway off page optimization plan

Offpage optimization

Investigating  Your current back links profile we can find the weak  or spammy links. Get rid of those for You  to prevent google punishing You with.This is not all. We create a whole link building strategy, listing good link targets. Investigating back links of Your competitors and their most popular pages and contents. It`s only a part of off page seo You can get more information here:

SEO Norway growth plan

Growth Strategy  & Analytic

SEO services would not be complete if we after fixing all errors would not give You detail plan step by step. What to do, what and how to write to gain more  organic traffic in the future.

We create also great SEO dashboards and reports. To help You to make data driven decisions and measure  progress and benefits from our work. Read more about it here:

Increasing web traffic

1. Goal is increase traffic to Your website.

Increase income

2. Goal is to use cutting edge analytic and testing to increase conversions.

Increase client satisfaction

3. Use data and analytic to increase client satisfaction, find and improve the weak points to provide best user experience.





What exactly seo norway can do?

Website optimization

SEO Check recommendation and implementation.

Complete SEO check for a website.  With additional data concerning main competitors, market segment to  bring benchmarks to the picture.

  • Crawl errors, Crawl budget, pagination
  • Sitemaps, robot.txt, meta tags
  • 404, 302, 301 responce codes
  • Google indexation, duplicate tags, content
  • Canonicals, linking, disavow tool
  • Schema markups, hreflang tags


On Page SEO check
Technical SEO check
Off Page check
seo norway on page optimization planning

Growth plan

Growth strategy.

Fixing errors is only first step. Second is to create and implement a full growth plan to increase the traffic. Secure  growth not as one one time spike but steady growth.

  • Keyword by average monthly traffic
  • Top keywords to urls mapping
  • Keywords ranking
  • Long tail keywords
  • Linkbuiliding opportunities
  • Social visibility


Keyword resarch
Competitor resarch
URLs to keywords mapping

Data driven decisions

Data Analysis

Gathering  and analysis of data to provide actionable insights for increasing conversion rate, improving income and client satisfaction.

If You are interested in  deep dive data analyst please visit my other website:

  • Google Search Console data analysis
  • Google Analytics data analysis
  • Majestic, Semrush data
  • Correlation charts, pivot tables
  • Time series forecasting
  • Pulling and analysing data with Python scripts


Top pages, top keywords analysis
Top traffic points of competitors
User behaviour analysis