SEO Norway Glossary

Website submission.

Website submission means adding Your site too google index.  Google now crawls so quickly it`s not necessary  but You can do it manually:

What is on page seo? / What is on site seo ?

On page SEO   called also on site SEO is process of optimizing  website content according to  best SEO practices. The main goal is to give crawlers best information about  page content and for content target  what people are looking for the most.

What is off page SEO?

Actions  You do which are not connected to   changing site content  like for example link building, sitemaps  etc..

What is link building?

Search engines consider sites which  many quality links as more important. Meaning those pages deserves higher rating.  Link building is the way of   getting new links to Your domain.


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What is SEO ? - by SEO Norway

SEO is process of actions around targeted website which aims for  improving this website rankings and organic traffic.

It`s a complex optimization process  which touches many different areas of website: technical, content, on page and off page.

Black hat SEO

We can recognize  two  main ways of SEO – actions which intend to manipulate  rankings in favorite of  website using  certain  features of search engines ranking algorithm  we call those black hat seo.

White hat SEO

White  hat SEO are only actions which  are allowed and suggested by search engines as the proper way to inform  them about  website`s content and structure.

As  history is showing  black hat SEO  provide very often only temporary, short terms effects,  and it is unsafe. That is why most of  legal companies choose white hat SEO.





White hat SEO

SEO meaning

So what is SEO meaning for Norway company ?

For Norwegian company  SEO means that having  a  nice website is not all. Nice website is like an advertising  billboard.  Bad SEO is like place far away  from a road where people can see it.  So website with bad SEO is like  expensive billboard in the middle of the  forrest  where only the billboard owner  can find it.


SEM means search engine marketing  that is all the acctions around promoting  Your website in Search engines. SEO is a part of SEM but SEM is much broader and it concentrates rather on paid forms of Online marketing.


PPC – Pay per click is a part of online marketing when You pay per click to Your website. For example Ads by Adwords. They are always ranking higher than organic ( natural) search results because  google  charge for each click to website from the ad.

SEO what is it ?

What is different around SEO then ?  It`s a natural way to gain traffic. Search engines try to provide best answer for users queries  if Your content  met the query criteria and it is best results in terms of search engine algorithm.  Then it is served on top positions.

SEO define

Search Engines Optimization – It`s hard to  precisly define SEO because it is a constantly evolving and changing topic. That is why  to define SEO we use general  expresions like all actions which  impacts search engines rankings and organic traffic.

You should now understand  better what is SEO and what SEO mean for Your website. Feel free  check   other learning SEO pages,

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