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I  would say the most underappreciated SEO tool is … Microsoft Excel.

Why I think that ? Because we have so easy access to data from google search console and google analytic. It`s free data .  But  how we are using it ?

Is it not the case that  we just use to look at the data draw some simple conclusion but we don`t analyses it in the way to draw actionable  insights ?

Using  Data and Excel  it is possible to pull powerful and  actionable insights  to impact traffic.

How to do that ?  How to use Excel as a SEO tool.

It`s not something very easy, You  need to try to segment  Your data, from overall go to details and from details go to  things that build  those numbers.Ask  data as many questions as possible and build theories to check

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9460341057_27189f51fe_kAre  You looking for  SEO tools ?  That`s the spot

In my experience with SEO I was lucky to  try variety of tools, form simple search engine rank checkers to multi functional  complex  systems with many many many  features.

SEO software –  which  can I  recommend ? Is there best SEO software ?

I would say   it`s depends  from  Your budget and the target. If You do not have a lot of time for SEO or You do not have a big strategy investing  in expensive tools would be  a waste of money.

I for sure  recommend one of the multi function, multi feature  solutions  like  Semrush Ahrefs or Searchmetrics .  Every of them has it`s  benefits and weak points  and they can be really  helpfull.  I would also say  crawler like  Screaming Frog or deepcrawl is must have for SEO specialist nowadays. But  I  strongly believe most  important features You can find in free SEO tools also.

Free SEO tools.

SEO is all about  rankings. No matter how fancy  and  how content focus You are Content Marketing and SEO are for me always mainly measurable only in Rankings. Keywords drive traffic  to Your content Traffic depends from the potions. Simple right ?

Free ranking checkers:



As far as crawler is  consider, I recommend Screaming  frog  free version ( crawls up to 500 pages)  xenu link sleuth, and You can  give a try to  Beam us upp , seo crawlers.

To be honest You can create  crawler  Yourself in Python, I did it.

SEO toolkit king

And best  SEO  tool  would be ……   pearl in Your SEO toolkit crow gem….

Ladies and gentelmens let me present!…..

Google Search Console!

Why it`s the SEO toolkit, most important tool ?  It gives You all… indexation, linking domains,  queries, impressions,  Your  pages errors  even keywords density.  Before You start  throwing money  in super fancy SEO   software I would strongly recommend learn to use 100% of GSC power.

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