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To learn about  SEO You need to  understand  that it is a complex and constatntly  changing  subject.  There is no step by step guide how to do it perfectly and have the best rankings.

Each page is different and requires different optimization.

There are  main subject for You to understand  for example, what is SEO, What  are main SEO points of optimization it would be also good for You to understand  as much about search engines as possible.


Why SEO ?

Simply cheapest way to reach  Your clients.

I have a nice website, so it has a good SEO

Absolutely not, SEO is  not design You can  have  terrible  SEO and nobody can find You.

Does SEO really work ?

Test it, try  googling phrase connected to Your website, product  now  see the results and  now You know where are all Your potential clients go.  Is it Your site  ?

How many clients  You can have ?  It depends from phrase for example hotel Stavanger has  1600 Average Monthly Searches + 800 from  similar but not exact phrase.  2400  potential clients   from which  CTR on first place is around 40%-20% but even   5-10 position it`s around 5% = 120 people monthly, those people looked for hotel in Stavanger, do You think it is worth it for the hotel to do SEO ?

Answer seems to be obvious


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SEO - Dunning–Kruger effect

At the beginning I would like to touch some general points.

First would be  SEO Dunning-Kruger effect.  What is it ?

Anyone probably heard or read about SEO.

According to the Nobel price paper people use greatly overestimate  their knowledge and skills in the area  they barley know.

I experience that quite often I  met people who said , ah SEO, yes,  I was doing that for a (friend/wife/client)  and it was easy.

effectTo be honest it made me depressed sometimes  because I work with SEO around 8 years now and I find it difficult  sometimes and I still don’t` think I know ALL.

But drilling it deeper with questions like. What was the phrase and  ranking You reached ?

It seems people believe it`s easy but they don`t have any results. They have  many excuses like ( I did`t have time to take care of it/  it required big amounts of money /  etc)

I do NOT want to discourage You from learn SEO but try to be reasonable to measure  Your skills based on achievements not  assumptions.

Does SEO require money ?

No, SEO does not require  money. But it`s like with transportation  You can  go somewhere by  foot , if target is easy to reach You will get there easily, but if You  want to go somewhere very far it will require hours  of  hard work to reach it.

I think it`s good analogy to SEO  You can spend 300 000 NOK to buy a new car  and reach  Your target which is 5 km away, but is it worth it  ?  Another  question is even if You  have a ferrari  do You know how to reach the target ? You can spend  loads of money on SEO but without a clear goal and  navigation how to reach it, You may end up in totally different place.

SEO experts are like navigation,  they should help You determine the best goal for Your site, and show You the best way to reach Your goals either way  by foot (meaning no additional costs), by bike ( medium costs), by car ( expensive seo campaign).

Find how popular Your site can be.

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