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What about SEO guide ? is there any ?

I would say there is many  basic but general information because each site  it different and have a bit different purpose. it is hard to  write a accurate and working SEO guide for each and every website.

Basic knowledge is well explained  by moz :

It`s important to understand  how people use search engines,  around 80% of searches are searches connected to finding information. You should  use it.

Cool SEO tip is  to go from  very wide funnel to the product purchase with.

For example do You sell  shorts ?

Write and content like ( top trendy shorts 2016 )  for peole to get to know with the product. Then  write some shorts brand comparison, reviews from there try to  direct user to show him product offer.

Tailored SEO tips ?

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SEO TIPS - by SEO Norway

First of all creating  website try to think about search engines also, how would they see Your content ?

Do You have  any flash content which bot can not read ?

Do You have clear structure where headings are indicating  what`s the content is about ?

Are You using   words that people can search ?

Are You  giving people quick and clear answers in Your content ?

The best seo sites

SEO have so many content it sometimes hard to find some reliable   checked content. For best SEO sites I would recommend checking:

Sometimes is  worth it to dig deeper for some case studies  and experiments. Nothing will give You as much SEO knowledge and SEO tips as trying to do something Yourself.

SEO secrets

Some people don`t understand SEO so they  there are some SEO secretes. Maybe  best SEO are  hiding some secret SEO knowledge from the public use.

Sure there  are people with great knowledge  but I don`t think it there is anything what You can find our yourself. Some people just  have much greater experience and they “feel” SEO better.

But  be sure  just  understand and implement basic SEO is like 90% sure to increase  ratings very significantly.

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